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A Virtual Tour  acts as one of the most vital marketing tools for promoting your listings.

As technology advances and with current streaming capabilities, we are finally at a place
where it only makes sense to offer a Virtual Tour  for your potential clients.

A Virtual Tour  will generate substantially more views for your listing, provide instant information to your client,
save agent time out in the field, offer an effective way to share your listing via social networking, rank higher
and is more prominent than text listings in search engines, and arguably the best feature of a Virtual Tour
is it acts as a 24/7, Permanent Open House; potential clients can view your listing anytime, anywhere.

Not only is a Virtual Tour  great for local residents looking to rent or buy, but a Virtual Tour  is a massive
benefit to someone thinking of moving from out of state. Offering a way for your client
to view a listing from a first person point of view might just push that sale.

Please note that a Virtual tour  is not limited to Real Estate, it is also a great way to display your restaurant, venue,
nightclub, office, workplace, city, tourist spot and anywhere else that may need to be displayed effectively.


epiem is proud to announce that we are able to offer a 4K Footage Option filmed via a RED Scarlet or Canon C300!

"Future Proof" your Investment by upgrading to the 4K Footage Option!


Up to 1500 square feet

1500-3000 square feet

$Please call
3000+ square feet

1 Commercial Use, Royalty Free song is included*
Standard Motion Graphic Intro
Optional Text Outro (or a Motion Graphic Outro if provided by client)
HD Digital Delivery

*epiem uses and strongly suggests to ONLY use royalty free music specifically intended for commercial use. If the client insists to use copyrighted music for their video, the client will need to sign a waiver releasing epiem of any liabilities that may arise from using said music. epiem believes that artists should be compensated one way or another for their hard work, famous or not.


Same Day Edit - (subject to availability)

Photography Stills

$20-60+ per song
Upgraded or Additional Songs* - (quote required)

4K Footage Option - (filmed on RED Scarlet or Canon C300)

Advanced Motion Graphic Intro - (quote required)

Motion Graphic Outro - (if not supplied by client) - (quote required)

$50 per Drive
Flash Drive Delivery

$20 per DVD
DVD Delivery

Special Editing & Visual Effects such as flares, optics (lighting), digital
animation, compositing, 3D rendering, motion tracking, etc, are
subject to additional fees. A quote is required to assess those fees.