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With the modern capabilities of streaming High Quality video via YouTube, Vimeo, your personal or business website,
etc., a Video Resume  is a great addition and creative way to display your credentials.

By introducing your personality into the equation, you are allowing new clients or potential employers to get a feel
for who you are and what you can bring to the table.

epiem supplies you with a few simple, yet important & precise questions to answer for your interview session and
then overlays professionally filmed material to tell your personal story.

The perfect Video Resume  is approximately 1-2 minutes in length and is custom tailored to showcase YOU.

You are the star and we will do our best to help you shine!


A Video Resume  is especially lucrative for Creatives such as Artists, DJ's, Models, Go-Go Girls, Photographers,
Videographers, Entrepreneurs or an individual who is self-employed or runs a small business. Place your Video Resume
on your website to show potential clients how you work, what you have to offer and how you can fulfill their needs.

Think of it as a video version of your "About Me."

A Video Resume  is not a replacement for commercial work, it is solely for an individual to showcase their talents.
If you are interested in commercial work, please click here.


epiem is proud to announce that we are able to offer a 4K Footage Option filmed via a RED Scarlet or Canon C300!

"Future Proof" your Investment by upgrading to the 4K Footage Option!


Up to 1hr of On-Location Footage Filming
Up to 30min of On-Location Interview Filming
1-2min Video
1 Interview Camera Angle
1 Song or Musical Track*
Text Intro
Text Outro
HD Digital Delivery

*epiem uses and strongly suggests to ONLY use royalty free music specifically intended for commercial use. If the client insists to use copyrighted music for their video, the client will need to sign a waiver releasing epiem of any liabilities that may arise from using said music. epiem believes that artists should be compensated one way or another for their hard work, famous or not.


Additional Footage Filming Time

$25 per 30min
Additional Interview Filming Time

$25 per angle
Additional Interview Camera Angle

$20-60+ per song
Upgraded or Additional Songs* - (quote required)

Green/Blue Screen Interview Background

4K Footage Option (filmed on RED Scarlet or Canon C300)

Static Graphic Intro

Motion Graphic Intro - (quote required)

Static Graphic Outro

Motion Graphic Outro - (quote required)

Studio Location

$50 per Drive
Flash Drive Delivery

$20 per DVD
DVD Delivery

Special Editing & Visual Effects such as flares, optics (lighting), digital
animation, compositing, 3D rendering, motion tracking, etc, are
subject to additional fees. A quote is required to assess those fees.

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