Digital Display Composite Using Photoshop Tutorial

on Saturday, 21 July 2012. Posted in Tutorial

An epiem tutorial video showing how to do a Photoshop Composite

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Difficulty: ****

This video shows how I made the composite for our 2012 Project 366 Photo found here:

Before & After Pic Here:


This was made for Leap Year 2012.
This composite is made COMPLETELY from scratch!


It was originally supposed to come out on March 29th, but we had a massive loss of Date. The render and all the files were lost. So I had to re-do it a 2nd time.

By losing all of the data, it put our 366 Project back quite a bit.

The Hunger Games Tutorial was supposed to come AFTER this tutorial, but because of the problem, it came before this tutorial.

O well....

Either way, thankfully, it has finally been finished!


The idea behind this tutorial is to get you thinking of other cool ways to tweak and use the tools this video provides to further your Photoshop understanding and completion.

If you have a question we did not cover, please ask us in comments!

Kevin MacLeod
"Vibe Ace"


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