Act Of Valor Composite Using BF3 Photoshop & After Effects Video Copilot Tutorial

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An epiem tutorial video showing how to do a Photoshop Composite

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Quick Links:
Inspiration Scene: 00:14
Battlefield 3 Screen Capture: 00:38
Photoshop Photomerge: 01:59
Green Screen Key: 04:57
Key Cleanup: 07:42
Logo Removal: 09:10
Hairbrush Edit: 10:26
Composite: 20:00
Photoshop Export To After Effects: 29:35
After Effects Import: 30:40
After Effects Video Copilot Optical Flares: 31:27
Back To Photoshop Flare Cleanup: 34:00
Ending Speech: 35:25


Difficulty: ***

This video shows how I made the composite for our 2012 Project 366 Photo found here:

This image used several programs to complete!
Battlefield 3
After Effects

Despite using several tools to make this, it is a relatively easy tutorial regarding compositing using layers, masks, brushes, and the healing & clone tool.


The idea behind this tutorial is to get you thinking of other cool ways to tweak and use the tools this video provides to further your Photoshop understanding and completion.

If you have a question we did not cover, please ask us in comments!

Battlefield 3

Video Copilot: Optical Flares


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Digi-Key Antenna


Kevin MacLeod
"Vibe Ace"


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