Rift - 100 Hour Film Race 2011

on Saturday, 21 July 2012. Posted in Short Film

A Short Film made for the 2011 100hr Film Race

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From start to finish, from thought to product, from theory to effect, this video was made in it's entirity in 100 hours. Thats ONLY 4 days and 4 hours. I'm still stunned we got it all done. Please help us win by passing it to as many people as possible and sending it to as many people as possible. Lets get this to the front page of Reddit and Youtube.

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Theme: Broken
Action: Pressing a Button
Surprise Element: Lollipop


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BY the way!!! The hardest effect was one you probably did not notice. I replaced the background the dolly shot when the girl fires the flame and the guy absordbs it and then lightning lock each other. That train and sky is not really there. But man am I proud of how it turned out. Oh and the 3D matchmoved shot of the hologram as Micah is getting out of bed, that was cool.

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