epiem 2011: Lights Camera Action

on Saturday, 21 July 2012. Posted in Short Film

A short video showing what we accomplished in 2011

epiem has come a long way in the past year.

We have produced 51 Videos, Tutorials & Short Films in that time and our quality has increased tenfold.

We have grown up alot!!! (kinda)

In 2012 we will be moving on to bigger and better things.
Stay posted and make sure to follow us so you can join in on our journey!


We would like to Thank everyone who has helped us this past year!

And a Special Thanks to:

Republiq Nightclub
Volume Nightclub
Tia Lou's Nightclub
T.j. Daily
Jason Tyler
Matthew Chew
Tony Truong
Luis Ongpin
Andrew Yang
Lawrence Villasin
5 Star Entertainment
Patrick Austria
Graham Funke
Pavit Jagga
Bon Hufana
Hoyoung Lee
Ian Maletta
Arthur Schiffer
Josephine McCulley
Kyndra Chronister
Dave Chronister
Luzviminda Marcotte
Chris Knowles
Kazimir Jones
Elias Baxter
Kevin Lim
Vanessa Arquillano
Abel Fitwi
Wren Weichman
Candy McCulley
Kevin Hammond

And a VERY Special Thanks to:

Duy Ngo

Without Duy, we probably wouldn't still be in business

And of COURSE, the epiem team!
You guys KILLED it this year!
Let's get another year!


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Twitter: @epiem http://www.twitter.com/epiem
Tumblr: http://epiem.tumblr.com

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