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Memorial & Funeral Films are often not talked about, and many people don't even know the service exists; but if you
want an elegant and special way to remember your loved ones, a Memorial Film  is right for you.

epiem understands that this is a difficult time and takes the utmost care with your Memorial Film  to capture the
special moments of the day without intruding on your families mourning.

A Memorial Film  is the great way to celebrate the life of a loved one with future generations. When a young child
grows up, often times they will want to know about their lost loved ones and showing them your families
Memorial Film  can help them understand about the wonderful person they have missed.

Each Memorial Film  is unique.
Every family has a different story.

Some Memorial Films  will be as short as 30 minutes; others are as long as 2 and a half hours. With the standard
Investment, epiem will film your families memorial for up to 3 hours and produce a comprehensive Memorial Film
(additional filming time is available if needed).

A typical Memorial Film  consists of pre-memorial and location footage, the memorial ceremony service and
speeches, the burial service and a brief look at the procession. The length of your Memorial Film  will be roughly
decided by the length of your ceremony and burial services.


If you want a truly special investment, epiem also offers the add-on option of including a Memorial Short Film
  Chapter. This 2-5 minute short film highlights the most special moments of the day, set to beautiful music that
conveys the emotions of the family and the memorial service in a positive light.


epiem is proud to announce that we are able to offer a 4K Footage Option filmed via a RED Scarlet or Canon C300!

"Future Proof" your Investment by upgrading to the 4K Footage Option!


Up to 3 hours of Filming
Memorial & Burial Film
2 Camera Angles
1 Song* (up to $20 value)
Text Intro
Text Outro
Blu-ray Quality Film on 1 Flash Drive in Keepsake Folio
Digital HD Version

*epiem uses and strongly suggests to ONLY use royalty free music specifically intended for commercial use. If the client insists to use copyrighted music for their video, the client will need to sign a waiver releasing epiem of any liabilities that may arise from using said music. epiem believes that artists should be compensated one way or another for their hard work, famous or not.


Additional Filming Time - $200/hr

$50 per angle
Additional Camera Angle

Short Film Chapter - Includes 1 Song* (up to $20 value)

$20-60+ per song
Upgraded or Additional Songs* - (quote required)

4K Footage Option (filmed on RED Scarlet or Canon C300)

Motion Graphic Intro - (quote required)

Motion Graphic Outro - (quote required)

$100 per Drive
Additional Flash Drive in Keepsake Folio

$20 per DVD
DVD Delivery

Flordelina Ordona Memorial

Written by Micah O'Keiley on Thursday, 02 January 2014. Posted in Memorial & Funeral

Ceremony, Procession & Burial

Video coverage of the Memorial to celebrate the life of Flordelina Ordona.

Ceremony, procession and burial are all covered in this funeral video.


Micah O'Keiley

Assistant Directors:
Robbie Doan


Filmed with:
Canon 5DmII
Canon 5DmIII
Canon 16-35 2.8L II
Canon 70-200 2.8L II
Nikon 50 1.8

Edited with:
Adobe Premier Pro CS6
Red Giant: PluralEyes


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