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Written by Micah O'Keiley on Monday, 29 July 2013. Posted in Corporate Headshots

Team Photos & Individual Headshots

epiem merrill lynch mother daughter photo

Had the pleasure of recently photographing one of the many teams of Merrill Lynch, thanks to the awesome referral from Nikk Wong. He was swamped and asked if I could cover. Check out his work.

Arrived just a bit before 2:30 on a warm Friday afternoon in a Bellevue high rise Merrill Lynch office.

We brought 3x 4500watt Continuous Light Softboxes (two large 6 lamp, one small 1 lamp), 2x 5DmII, 16-35mm 2.8 mII, 70-200mm 2.8 mII, popup Botero Blue/Green Screen (with a white backdrop wrap), an extension cord (NEVER forget your extension cord), 2x power strip & a bottle of water (that I "conveniently" left in the car...terrible move).

After about 15 minutes, we were setup and ready to go.

We completed all of the group photos first, so as each individual headshot was complete, they could leave to go about their work day.

Limiting their downtime was our main goal.

For the group photo, I setup the large softboxes on each side and had the sun through the window fill from the back. I expected to replace the background in Photoshop later anyway.

epiem merrill lynch lighting diagram

Which is exactly what I did:

epiem merrill lynch group photo

This group photo was actually not my first choice, but they insisted on it being the one they wanted.

After the series of group photos were complete, I set up a [white] backdrop and moved the lighting into place on the opposite side of the room.

This was the lighting setup for the individual shots:

epiem merrill lynch lighting diagram

Here are the results:

epiem merrill lynch individual photo
epiem merrill lynch individual photo

epiem merrill lynch individual photo
epiem merrill lynch individual photo

epiem merrill lynch individual photo
epiem merrill lynch individual photo

And here are a few shots of the Before & After, so you can see what actually took place in Photoshop.

There wasn't much editing to be had: moving of some stray hairs, removal of lighting glare, removal of 5D moire, a bit of skin toning, cropping and the background replacement.

epiem merrill lynch individual before & after photo

epiem merrill lynch individual before & after photo

The entire shoot ended up taking about an hour, including setup time and moving of the equipment to re-setup. They were actually surprised at how simple the process was!

It was great to work with these wonderful people and hopefully you can get an idea of how I work in this setting.

Thanks for reading!

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