7 Reasons Why You Will Regret NOT Hiring a Wedding Videographer

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epiem blog photo 7 Reasons Why You Will Regret Not Hiring a Wedding Videographer

Originally, this epiem blog article was titled:
7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Videographer

Then I thought about it for a minute and realized that offering an opinion, shrouded in the word "Should", just doesn't quite do the title of such an important article, justice. "Regret" is really such a stronger word…

The reason I write this is because of all of the brides I have ever talked to in my life, there are TWO things most had in common and wished they did or changed for their wedding:
1 - Paid more and/or hired a more experienced/better photographer
2 - Invested in PROFESSIONAL Wedding Videography

They regret not making better choices.

Which brings me back to my original statement:
7 Reasons Why You Will Regret NOT Hiring a Wedding Videographer
(paying more for experienced/better photographer/videographer is for another article)

1 - If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Then a Wedding Video is Priceless

A picture can capture the look on your husbands face the first time he sees you in your wedding dress; while a BlueCake Films Wedding Video captures and lets you RELIVE, in real time, the entirety of the THAT moment; the words, the emotions, the tears, the smiles and the laughter. That moment will never happen again and a photo can only capture a fraction of the emotions involved.

Please note that this does not mean that Photography is not important. Videography and Photography compliment each other. They go hand in hand to tell the overall story of your special day. Plus, you can't hang a video on your wall a la Harry Potter (yet anyway…); but in any case, a

2 - Wedding Video allows you to be a celebrity for the day

A BlueCake Films Wedding Video is about the lights, camera, action and YOU. It's ALL about YOU. Well, there are some family and friends there too, but it's mostly about you. You get pampered, celebrated and congratulated. Not to mention, it's also quite a bit of fun, you ROCKSTAR! And don't worry, because sometime in the future, you might want to relive that experience and you CAN, because a

3 - Wedding Video allows you to relive special moments

Your Wedding Day Happens Only Once.

With a BlueCake Films Wedding Video, you can relive the action for the rest of your life.

In 2, 5, 10 years down the road, you might want to remember how you felt that day you stood pretty, in your flawless white dress, with all of your friends and family around you, jealous of your absolute beauty; because let's be honest: Who WOULDN'T want to remember that?

Perhaps your flower girl or ring bearer grows up and heads off to college and you want to remember them as the cute, little, innocent children you still love so much. Or maybe someone in your family has passed away and you want to relive the moments you shared with them to keep their memory alive…with a wedding video, you can!

Pull it up on your computer, your phone or tablet (or whatever other device will be available down the road) and instantly relive the entirety of those special feelings and excitement. You can see and hear your day, watch that moment you cherish so much, over and over.

Also remember: your wedding day will go by so quickly!

You will miss so much and even though you might not be able to see everything that happened during the day, with a wedding video you can 

4 - Experience moments you may have missed

Did your grandma and your best friend decide to spike the punch bowl?

While you were getting your dress fitted and tied, while joking with your girls, your hubby might be down the hall with the boys…but what was he doing? Did he cry when he opened your pre-wedding gift or read your cute little love note? What did he say? Well…without a BlueCake Films Wedding Video, you will never know!

Your Wedding Day will be a blur of family, friends and happiness.
A wedding video retells your tale and helps you to catch all of the intimate and special parts of the day that you may have missed. With that said, you might have been flustered or missed the cute quake and nervousness in your hubbies voice while he was saying his vows and with a wedding video you can

5 - Hear and re-hear your vows

Your vows are so important. They are the feelings you share with each other in the form of words. They encompass the entirety of your relationship and solidify those feelings. Relive that moment with a BlueCake Films Wedding Video by watching and listening to why you married each other and why you will be there for each other for the rest of your lives.

Don't get too carried away watching your vows over and over, because you can also watch and listen to the...

6 - Toasts, Speeches, Kudos and Voiceovers

This may be the one time you will see your dad cry.

Are you telling me that you do NOT want to re-watch your father, heart filled with love, joy and pride, give his blessing and share a cute story about when you were 5?

I guarantee you will cry every single time you watch your BlueCake Films Wedding Video!

Because those moments are so special and need to be shown to everyone in your future family line:

7 - Posterity!

You can share your love and your wonderful day with your children, your grandchildren and your great grandchildren.

Because who wouldn't want to see their handsome father or beautiful mother on the most special day of their lives (besides the day they had you).

I bet if you asked your mother (maybe your father too), if they had the chance to have their wedding filmed, to relive those moments over and over forever, they would have chosen to do so (if they didn't do so already).

Well, don't take my word for it, go ask them!

I'm sure they are even on a Social Network!

Speaking of Social Networks,

*BONUS REASON*  - With the capabilities of Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and Google+, your family and friends can share in your excitement and relive your day by having unlimited access to your BlueCake Films Wedding Film 24/7.


You will notice one word being repeated over and over in this article and it's the word: RELIVE.

The definition of relive is:
"to remember (something) so clearly that the same emotions you felt in the past are felt again"

This is your day. The day you are spending SOOOOO much time, money, blood sweat and tears putting together! Make sure to document your accomplishment with a BlueCake Films Wedding Video!

I guarantee you will be extremely glad you did!

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