7 Reasons Why You Will Regret NOT Hiring a Wedding Videographer

Written by Micah O'Keiley on Tuesday, 25 March 2014. Posted in General

epiem blog photo 7 Reasons Why You Will Regret Not Hiring a Wedding Videographer

Originally, this epiem blog article was titled:
7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Videographer

Then I thought about it for a minute and realized that offering an opinion, shrouded in the word "Should", just doesn't quite do the title of such an important article, justice. "Regret" is really such a stronger word…

The reason I write this is because of all of the brides I have ever talked to in my life, there are TWO things most had in common and wished they did or changed for their wedding:
1 - Paid more and/or hired a more experienced/better photographer
2 - Invested in PROFESSIONAL Wedding Videography

They regret not making better choices.

Which brings me back to my original statement:
7 Reasons Why You Will Regret NOT Hiring a Wedding Videographer
(paying more for experienced/better photographer/videographer is for another article)

Get Organized: Time Management with Task Coach

Written by Micah O'Keiley on Monday, 28 October 2013. Posted in General

How to manage your time with a simple Open Source program called Task Coach

epiem blog Get Organized: Time Management with Task Coach

I love open source, I love sharing information and I love the freedom of the internet. With that said, I also love time management; without it, I would be lost. Task Coach helps make time management possible manageable.

I grew up with a terrible idea of time management. I did poorly with homework and deadlines. I was always late to, well, everything. I could never stay on track. I was borderline ADD because of my poor time management (or vice versa; but let's not get into that).

Costco & The Zombie Apocalypse

Written by Micah O'Keiley on Monday, 24 December 2012. Posted in General

Costco's new coupon brochure has the end of the world in mind

Costco and the Zombie Apocalypse

Found this AWESOME little nugget in the 2013 Costco Online-Only Offers Coupon Book.

It's for a 1-Year Emergency Food Kit from Shelf Reliance!

Includes enough servings for up to four people to continue the battle for their lives for up to a year!

And it's only $3499.99 DELIVERED!!!

Don't worry, your nosy neighbors won't know you are preparing for the end because the items are delivered in discreet packaging.

Bunker and Shotguns not included.

Best ad I have seen in forever!